The AZUELOS Manufacture

The Manufacture is often the hidden face of a jeweler. Birthplace of successful jewellery. World of precision and perfection. Join us for a unique guided tour of the very closed world of Moroccan jewellery.

The AZUELOS Manufacture

The new AZUELOS Manufacture is established in the city of Rabat, Morocco. The manufacturing plant is an architectural purity where the end-to-end production chain is clearly organized. It is spread over three floors where jewelers, designers, modellers, diamonds setters and watchmakers work all together with passion and in harmony with the working philosophy of the AZUELOS family of jewelers.

All stages of the AZUELOS jewellery conception process take place in the same space. Each stage meets the quality requirements in place since 1920, when the AZUELOS brand was founded. Joseph Azuelos, 82, still oversees the development of the production with the same professionalism.

The know-how is inherited and accumulated by a whole team of experienced craftsmen enabling the creation of genuine and original Azuelos jewellery.